Picking Up The Pieces

by Low Key Chill Sesh

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released May 29, 2016

Kyle Thompson
Brandon Laone
Elliot Saavedra
Conner McVay
Jesse Beatty
Jackson Sennett

Recorded by Elliot Saavedra
Mixed and Mastered by Conner McVay

Album Artwork by Alex Smith

"Lost Faith" featuring vocals from Austin Troisi



all rights reserved


Low Key Chill Sesh Watertown, Connecticut

Melodic Metalcore band from Watertown/Redding, CT

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Track Name: A Journey Home
One day I decided I hated myself
So I walked out the door
Left everything I knew behind me
And started looking for a home

Down this road I don’t know what I’ll find
But maybe it's - my escape

It's time to remind myself
What life is worth
Track Name: Let The Wind Take Me
Aboard this train
In a direction I have yet to obtain
I don’t know what happened to me

Will I find serenity
Or just the end of me

Just a Broken man with no fucking plan
It was always hard to stay
Won’t go back no way

Hopped off and decided
This was the road
That would help me to find
a place to call my own

Look at me with my bloodshot eyes
Left me feeling like I can’t survive
Will I prosper or will I turn
To the darkness that i have earned

Full of strangers
Full of despise
Not even true friends
Can keep from telling lies

Left the stress behind
Nothing more to decide
Left the stress behind
My life is simplified

Left the stress behind
Don’t need to pick a side
Left the stress behind
My mind is fortified
Track Name: Isolated
Alone in this world
I am - on my own

Just a lost soul
Lifeless living
Path-less traveling
I am - all alone

What the hell's in store for me
Bring light to my misery
What the hell's in store for me

Don't take me
Back to the place
When I first saw you
Without me
In that moment I knew
I couldn't be with anyone
because of you

Flawless in my eyes you were all that I need
Now there's nothing left for me

Can you even recall (recall)
The day we - lost it all (lost it all)
Who can you blame
For the decisions you made (decisions you made)
Maybe someday we’ll see (maybe someday)
If our paths were meant - to - be (meant to be)

Can't you see that
my life has no more
Meaning to me

I will never let this happen
Never again - My friends
All that I need
My friends
Mean the world to me

Everyday, Everyday
Can't make the pain go away (who)

Who I am, Who I am
Most of you just don't understand

Someday I'll see
How wrong I can be
To leave everyone
Close to me

You took me for all I’m worth
Track Name: The Decisions I Made
Insanity is taking over me
Controlling what I am and what I want to be

You put a fucking hole in my chest
I’m still hoping for the best

This helps me to forget
All the things
that I regret

I can’t see
How this could be
Any worse for me
I am empty
And without soul
Nothing left but to let my habits take control

I won’t ever look back
It’s too late
I started down this narrow path
It’s what this does to me
The positivity
Although they frown upon thee

I’m a fucking disgrace
It’s all gone to waste
Gone to waste

I’ll be a let down
Like you've always been
This weight on my chest
I can’t even rest

To me this makes, perfect sense
But to you I’m just a burden, with a mess inside my head

I’m broken
You killed everything I wanted to be
So stay the fuck away
From me
Track Name: Breathless
Running through my head, Memories
From before - you were dead (x3)

You never trusted me
Yet I gave in to your every need

Look how that worked out for me
Used me up and cast me out to sea

I remember when we use to hide
From our friends, just me and you, eye to eye
I would favor those days
Fall leaves, the wind in our face
All the oxygen you need
But I still, could not breathe

You took my breath away
Nothing but the best of days

If we could turn - back - time
Forget our troubles And reset our minds
Then it'd be different
Enough to cope,
But that's just - false hope

I thought my faith was well placed
My heart is yours to keep
Take care of mine
And to yours I’ll please

That's what you said to me
But it got the best of me
Track Name: Lost Faith
Constantly thinking the pain would stray
Ill admit, I was fooled the whole way
Meant for disaster, my heart is at bay
Maybe I should have fucking prayed

I will never - save myself
My ambition, or anything else
Your words still echo in my head
No essentials, you left me for dead

The way everything fell a-part
A failed test, right from the start
My reflection stares back at me
But discourage is all I see

I love, everything you hate about yourself
This poison in your mind
Can destroy one’s self
The gears in your head, have sheared off teeth
They’re still turning, but serve no purpose
to me

And if you think, you can amend
The situation, don't bother, I will see past your disguise
I’m not weak, I just can't get by
So move on girl
Goodnight and goodbye

(Austin Troisi)
So here we are alone and broken
Lost in a world of misguidance
Led to believe in destiny
But to which path leads us to prosperity we may never find
Left to fend for everything that we’ve ever known
A task accomplished only by the worthy
So I gave up fighting for you
And I said,
Nothing could ever be the same
My motives are fucking simple
Not even the truth
Can lay fucking claim
I can’t fucking take it
I can’t fucking take it anymore

Who paid the cost
It’s too late and I've sealed my fate
Left here to die
By myself
Asking why
Asking for hope
Let me return myself

I don’t see how this can be
The way things end for me (x2)